Red Slatwall

£67.00 + VAT



Red Slatwall Portrait Single Sided 8′ x 4′

Slatwall panels are easy to install and can be screwed direct to the wall or on wooden battens, which is recommended. For extra strength and stability of fittings, and to customise your panels, choose from our selection of coloured PVC slatwall or aluminium inserts. For a total professional look and to help with fitting, you can add slatwall profiles or finishing trims, such as corners, edging and joining strips. Using profiles and inserts will also enhance the look and finish.

All Slatwall are not the same! Dont buy cheap! Our slatwall panels are made from 18mm UK sourced boards made from high dense specification MDF, We supply only top grade, high density boards.

Price does not include inserts !

Buying local means instant access to the Slatwall you need and if you are 1 or 2 boards short to finish the job we are within easy reach to help out.